About us

The ZPUE blog is another way for us to keep you up to date on the latest news from our company. We have decided to open up more, no longer limiting ourselves to press releases or the SMART Magazine, in response to the rising interest in our products from not only our current and potential customers but also from students, enthusiasts of advanced technologies, and naturally curious people.

ZPUE SA was founded in 1988. Since the beginning, we have been actively involved in the technological transition of the power industry, not just in Poland but also in many countries of the world. Our engineers keep working on new solutions to respond to the challenges faced by the sector. Renewables, electromobility, and increasing energy demand – these are just a few of them.

We invite you to read our blog and find out more about our company and the equipment made at our manufacturing plants. We want to do more than just tell you about ourselves – we aim to inspire a different perspective on the world of the energy industry – which is full of passion, original solutions, and cutting-edge technologies that affect our everyday life. We have been doing it for over three decades, and this is not our last word yet. After all, we are looking WITH ENERGY INTO THE FUTURE.

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